#Italy: Europe lamenting dead

Pieta Jesus

The provisional death toll has  raised to 250 over night,  400 people in hospitals.

The populations of the four worst-hit towns – Amatrice, Pescara del Tronto, Arquata del Tronto and Accumoli – increase by up to tenfold in the summer, and many of those killed or missing were visitors. Aerial video taken by drones showed swathes of Amatrice, last year voted one of Italy’s most beautiful historic towns, completely flattened.(Reuters)

Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker tweeted “solidarity”, and said the EU was ready to assist the Italian emergency services.

Commissioner Christos Stylianides, responsible for humanitarian aid and crisis management, followed that up with a statement spelling out assistance already offered, or accepted.

Thus far, he said, “the Italian authorities have requested that the Copernicus Emergency Management Services provide damage assessment satellite maps for the affected area. This will of course be done”.

(Source: Euroactive)


#Ukraine Independence Parade

Ukraine parade

In quarter of a century of Independence Ukraine -”Nezalezhna’ – lost almost all of its USSR opulent heritage: the powerful industry, agricultural exports to Russia, the rich provinces attached to Ukrainian Soviet Republic by whims of Communists, and even the position of a reliable transit country for Russian gas to Europe, – pathetic record for a society, notorious for its bipolar modus vivendi from extremes of endemic corruption to revolution.
However none of the coloured revolutions brought much desired effect, but degrading the living standards of the population to African level with the minimum salary of 1450 hrivna (USD58) similar to Zimbabwe and Rwanda.
Exhausted from struggle for power between clans of oligarchs, and de facto civil war in Donbass, claiming its independence, the  Ukrainian population in vain has been looking up to Brussels – although inspiring Maidan, eurocrats did not have any plan for integration of 43 million populated state then, neither do they have it now. Taken aback by it’s own problems as a result of the departure of one of the top contributors to its budget, and overburdened by tsunami of migrants, the EU has no desire to invest in Ukraine, unable to fight its corruption. The appeals for European generosity became an instant part of Kiev’s diplomats monotone repertoire, blaming Russia for all the failures.
Amid the intense campaigning  for rapprochement with the EU, a verdict fall down unexpectedly in a form of the Dutch referendum, when citizens refused to endorse the Association agreement with Ukraine, creating a tangible obstacle on the imaginary Ukrainian trajectory to European family of nations.

Celebrating Independence by parading infantry, navy and air force, rattling sabre of eroded by corruption army, unwanted in the East and the West, where are you marching, Ukraine?..

#Renzi: bowing to graves



Merkel Spinelli tomb

The lay of a wreath to Altiero Spinelli tomb during German Chancellor Angela Merkel visit to Italy does not signal any willingness for change of the direction of the #EU27 policy, which already has resulted in the UK break away this very summer. The traditional recipe of throw back to origins and ‘more Europe’ still is seen as a universal remedy. However there is a substantial divergence in interpretation of the EU founding-fathers legacy.

A new ‘political season’ opened on Monday (23/08/2016) this week with a meeting of leaders of Germany and France in Italy, which is risking to become next ‘Greece’ of the #EU. The event was heavily overloaded by symbolic ceremonies, including the bow to Spinelli grave. The progression of idolatry has its reasons in the eroding European project.
The Italian economy hasn’t seen much of growth after entering of the Eurozone last millennium(1999), the problem continuously blamed to an absence of financial flexibility as a major constraint. With the help of his ‘comrade’ French Socialist president Hollande and Spinelli’s federalist legacy at his side, Renzi should have tried hard to convince Merkel to change her views on austerity, due to aggravating situation in Italian banking sector.
Crowded with uncountable branches of 600 banks with a gap of 40 billion euro, Italians invested hopes in Socialists, elected upon a promise to resolve the financial problem, but they have not achieved much so far. Many experts see #Brexit as an ace up Renzi’s sleeve in his talks with Germany as a major EU lender to weaker member-states, however no one has overplayed Merkel in her austerity so far.
Bow to grave of Altiero Spinelli – an Italian intellectual, entering political scene as a Communist, and coming down to history as a passionate European federalist, one of the founding fathers of the #EU, – symbolises Italian loyalty to its European engagement. Referring to Spinelli’s ideas might well reflect the intentions of Renzi to turn to ‘soft power’ and appeal to EU glorious past, while no other argument worked.
In vain, the EU project of founding fathers has mutated beyond imaginary,Spinelli might not have recognised it if Resurrected. There is no certainty he would approve to remain at any cost for his people, suffering not only imposed austerity, but tsunami of migrants from Africa, and highly unpopular sanctions against Russia, hitting the agriculture.
Further the upcoming Constitutional referendum foreseen this fall might seriously weaken position of Rezni as prime-minister is case the citizens will reject his package of reforms, the twist that might lead to chain reaction of down spiral of Italian economy beyond control, and questions a perspective for Renzi to remain at lead. In this case #Itexit definitely makes sense.
“Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image!”

#Turkey Victims in Remembrance Day

Aslı Erdoğan

Instead of fighting for the liberation of 17 000 prisoners of conscious, including opposition politicians, press,  intellectuals, and thousands of repressed in system of justice and army by ‘sultan’ #Erdogan in #Turkey – the EU candidate member country,- the European leaders prefer to look backward, lecturing history.

However they are not clear about themselves and lessons they learnt from the past. Should #EU continue to pretend that an authoritarian regime of Erdogan fits modern standards of democracy? Can it be granted the negotiations to advance the integration into the EU?
It looks like the EU leadership finds possible to continue pretending that it fine to co-operate with Erdogan, protecting EU borders and resolving #migrantcrisis with his help, as if Turkey’s politics vis-à-vis #Kurdish minority, and Syrian rebels does not add fuel to flames.
The result of this EU policy of official hypocrisy is an invitation to blackmail: the new demands of Erdogan in exchange for respect of the agreed migrant pact.
”’The Europe-Wide Day of Remembrance for the victims of totalitarian and authoritarian regimes keeps alive the memory of the victims and pays tribute to them. This commemoration also helps us to recall lessons learnt from this dark chapter in European history. – says a joint statement by First Vice-President #Timmermans ahead of the Europe-Wide Day of Remembrance for the victims of all totalitarian and authoritarian regimes.
But what about today’s victims of totalitarian regime in the EU-candidate country you propel to become full member, Mr.Timmermans? May be you should lift your head from history books and look around?..

#EU #Turkey visa free prospect

Wedding attack

The terrorist attack at the wedding in Turkey by no means is a coincidence, reflecting dramatic situation in #Gaziantep city, described by the EU top diplomat Federica Mogherini in her condolences as ‘symbol of pain’, caused by refugees fleeing Syria. The attack on civilians points at two well known swollen problems of Turkey: Syria’s civil war at its borders and Kurdish issue. While both unsolved the perspective of improving security looks vague, so is president’s Erdogan’s proposal of  #EU-#Turkey visa free regime this year.
Facing its own security problems amid unprecedented #migrantcrisis, the EU will dramatically aggravate the existing concerns of fighting IS terrorism on European soil if giving up to president’s Erdogan request of visa liberalisation. The idea of EU-Turkey visa-free already meets opposition of right-wing parties and patriotic movements through Europe.

#Brexit date remains unknown

Theresa May profile

“The government’s position has not changed. Article 50 will not be invoked before the end of the year,” – the Downing Street spokeswoman said.

Meanwhile Brussels articulates its concerns with the UK dwelling in form of threats from European Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker, only stirring more fears about possible losses of the UK in a vehement ‘divorce’ with the #EU27, further postponing the date of an official procedure launch.

President Juncker promised that #Brexit will be not ‘an amicable divorce’, insisting on the UK government launching exit negotiations ‘immediately’. The position of the EU Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker makes sense as the indecisiveness damages with prolonged uncertainty to markets and economy growth, while fears of contagious effect of the EU27 dissolution are behind the Euro centric concept of making #Brexit a negative example.

#Strasbourg: recidivist strikes Jew


The knife assault of ‘Franco-Algerian’ (44) ”psycho’ on an Orthodox Jew in the neighbourhood of Grand Synagogue wasn’t fatal, however the shock will remain, as it occurred in a chain of jihadi attacks in Europe, mainly attributed to “mentally unstable’ people.

The current policy of dividing Muslims into de-facto ‘good Muhammedans’ and ‘psycho’ does not resolve security challenge for Europeans amid migrant crisis.
Even the most superficial observer can notice that all the recent ‘psycho’ have something in common: they trend to kill in name of ‘Allah Akbar!’ for ‘unknown’ motives.
The shifting from Mohammedans from one group to another can happen over night, and radicalisation is noticed as the fait accompi while counting the victims.
It might help police to understand the situation if learning about Jihad and shahid in Islam. However this useful knowledge will be not available in the European culture of ‘politically correct’ soon. Horrors to follow…

#Brexit: from #EU to #EFTA


“It’s easy to see some advantages of British membership. It’s a big country with a big economy,” – said Norwegian Prime Minister Erna Solberg,  seeing some advantages if Britain joined the four-nation European Free Trade Association (EFTA) after quitting the EU, qualifying past doubts about British membership.

One option could be to join EFTA, which Britain helped found but quit to enter the EU in 1973, though it is far from clear that is a path that Britain wants to follow.

However Solberg cited farming as one example of a possible conflict of interest. Britain exported food and drink worth 18 billion pounds ($24 billion) in 2015 while Norway imposes high import barriers to protect farmers in a country that stretches into the Arctic.

(source: Reuters)

#Burkini: #EU debate needed

The burkini debate is not about the ‘modest’ swimwear for shy wives, but about core principle of European democracy based on gender equality entering  ideological clash with Islam law, declaring submission of woman to man.

Mass migration crisis in France is at the top of political agenda, while the burkini ban is one of the ‘cosmetic’ concessions the ruling Socialists are prepared to make  attempting to calm down the growing discontent of citizens with the massive influx of wild migration from Maghreb, and sub-Saharan Africa imposing their values and lifestyle.
However the ‘burking ban’ as such is not a remedy from the profound problems of the EU societies unable to cope with growing pressure from Muslim migrant communities imposing ideas of the  7th century on to modern urban environments. 
The significance of the ‘burkini ban’ is in attempt of modern democracies to contemplate on incompatibility of Islam with values of European civilisation.

Burkini 3