#Turkey Victims in Remembrance Day

Aslı Erdoğan

Instead of fighting for the liberation of 17 000 prisoners of conscious, including opposition politicians, press,  intellectuals, and thousands of repressed in system of justice and army by ‘sultan’ #Erdogan in #Turkey – the EU candidate member country,- the European leaders prefer to look backward, lecturing history.

However they are not clear about themselves and lessons they learnt from the past. Should #EU continue to pretend that an authoritarian regime of Erdogan fits modern standards of democracy? Can it be granted the negotiations to advance the integration into the EU?
It looks like the EU leadership finds possible to continue pretending that it fine to co-operate with Erdogan, protecting EU borders and resolving #migrantcrisis with his help, as if Turkey’s politics vis-à-vis #Kurdish minority, and Syrian rebels does not add fuel to flames.
The result of this EU policy of official hypocrisy is an invitation to blackmail: the new demands of Erdogan in exchange for respect of the agreed migrant pact.
”’The Europe-Wide Day of Remembrance for the victims of totalitarian and authoritarian regimes keeps alive the memory of the victims and pays tribute to them. This commemoration also helps us to recall lessons learnt from this dark chapter in European history. – says a joint statement by First Vice-President #Timmermans ahead of the Europe-Wide Day of Remembrance for the victims of all totalitarian and authoritarian regimes.
But what about today’s victims of totalitarian regime in the EU-candidate country you propel to become full member, Mr.Timmermans? May be you should lift your head from history books and look around?..

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