#EU #Turkey visa free prospect

Wedding attack

The terrorist attack at the wedding in Turkey by no means is a coincidence, reflecting dramatic situation in #Gaziantep city, described by the EU top diplomat Federica Mogherini in her condolences as ‘symbol of pain’, caused by refugees fleeing Syria. The attack on civilians points at two well known swollen problems of Turkey: Syria’s civil war at its borders and Kurdish issue. While both unsolved the perspective of improving security looks vague, so is president’s Erdogan’s proposal of  #EU-#Turkey visa free regime this year.
Facing its own security problems amid unprecedented #migrantcrisis, the EU will dramatically aggravate the existing concerns of fighting IS terrorism on European soil if giving up to president’s Erdogan request of visa liberalisation. The idea of EU-Turkey visa-free already meets opposition of right-wing parties and patriotic movements through Europe.