#CETA: ‘bloody’ welcome 2 Trudeau


Brussels. Schuman square. Awaiting Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau for the  EU-Canada Summit, police questioned 16 protestors, who were among those who came to express their profound discontent with the signature of the EU-Canada comprehensive economic and trade agreement (CETA). Symbolizing assassination of democracy, activists pored red paint and even tried to enter the Council building.

PM Trudeau hasn’t seen the manifestation, entering from the other side of the building by a cortege of cars.
Welcomed in a family way by kisses by president Jean-Claude Juncker,  Trudeau visibly enjoyed the CETA signature, however in a fairly modest ceremony. Still number of officials jammed into a  photo over signature was slightly exaggerated almost as many as the protesters from the other side of the building:)

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