#Verhofstadt: #Brexit sherpa


Unlike  the UKIP and Conservatives in the European Parliament (EP) suggest, Liberal group leader and former Belgium PM Guy Verhofstadt is not such a terrible choice as pictured in outburst of emotions over his appointment as the EP #Brexit negotiator.

The passion for European federalism, often described as fanaticism by his political opponents will not distract such an ambitious politician as Verhofstadt (63) from making a success story out of his role in #Brexit negotiations to profit from a reputation of a diplomat, starring at international stage for years to come.
Highly ambitious and energetic, Flemish intellectual from awesome city of Ghent
– Verhofstadt will hardly seek for savage Bérézina-style performance chasing Brittons away from the continent.
In first place such a cruel plan will backfire the EU economies, which is not in interest of any politician dreaming of further European integration, secondly the failure will end his own career. Although at age of retirement by the end of the Europarl term, Verhofstadt might look for a higher post in the European Commission, as the word in corridors of power has been spread already for some time. In this case the moderation is a must, as no one will be eager to see a fanatic in a position of the EU leadership.
Those who were booing Verhofstadt did not take into account the simple truth that political speeches are not confessions, neither psychoanalyst coach, – the tone might change as soon as required for a new role of a negotiator.
Although myopic, Verhofstadt if far from being blind Samson crushing the adversaries at cost of his own existence. For a Liberal politician drive it would be more attractive to gain a reputation of Orpheus taming a Lion (British in this case, of course :)).
Ubi concordia – ibi victoria!


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