Brussels: arrests for sake of healthcare

Brussels 01.05.2021 “We contacted the Brussels Capital police as the minister’s office invited us to do and we were surprised to learn that the person we named in our email to the minister has been arrested and will be deprived of liberty”, reads the text on the page of organisers of the La Boum youth event.

Federal Police announcement (

This Friday, April 30,2021, in the middle of the afternoon, the Federal Police published a search notice on its official Facebook page (Belgian Federal Police Facebook page). The content annoys, since citizens who were present at the Bois de la Cambre in Brussels one month ago on April 1, because they were asked to “denounce” the people who had gathered “illegally” in that place that day.

“Who recognizes these individuals? La Boum gathering at Bois de la Cambre in Brussels on 04/01/2021”, we can read, with the photos of the individuals wanted. A publication that has been widely commented, in just a few hours, and which has had more than 1,000 shares. And above all, a publication that has been strongly contested by a majority of Internet users. With some rare exceptions opinions expressed were unflattering for the law enforcement. Subsequently the gulf between youth and Interior ministry deepens.

After the young people understood that the government is ready to destroy them physically for sake of healthcare sending horsemen, dogs, water-cannons, helicopters to disperse their gatherings – their opinion of using sanitary rules as pretext for transfer of the societies into DIGITAL DICTATORSHIPS only solidified.

Organisers of La Boum2 call for peaceful gathering of youth to ensure their Constitutional liberties.

On Twitter network the pictures from Brussels Cental Station appeared. A few hundred people were dancing their together in a flash mob event.

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