#Strasbourg: recidivist strikes Jew


SAM_3900The knife assault of ‘Franco-Algerian’ (44) ”psycho’ on an Orthodox Jew in the neighbourhood of Grand Synagogue wasn’t fatal, however the shock will remain, as it occurred in a chain of jihadi attacks in Europe, mainly attributed to “mentally unstable’ people.

The current policy of dividing Muslims into de-facto ‘good Muhammedans’ and ‘psycho’ does not resolve security challenge for Europeans amid migrant crisis.
Even the most superficial observer can notice that all the recent ‘psycho’ have something in common: they trend to kill in name of ‘Allah Akbar!’ for ‘unknown’ motives.
The shifting from Mohammedans from one group to another can happen over night, and radicalisation is noticed as the fait accompi while counting the victims.
It might help police to understand the situation if learning about Jihad and shahid in Islam. However this useful knowledge will be not available in the European culture of ‘politically correct’ soon. Horrors to follow…